Our Truffles + Confections : Spring & Summer Collection

Our seasonal fresh truffles and confection include the following organic cream and butter ganache truffles, vegan organic nut and seed guianduja truffles, salted caramel, nougats, etc. 


Amore  Rose, Cinnamon & Citrus. Dark chocolate ganache truffle with organic rose oil, cinnamon infused cream and citrus (orange, lemon and lime).
Bliss Raspberry & Mint. Dark chocolate ganache with fresh mint infused cream and raspberries. Dipped in white chocolate..
Burnt Burnt Caramel with Lemon. Dark chocolate ganache with burnt caramel and lemon. Dipped in dark chocolate. Intense flavour notes.
Citrus Lime, Thyme & Sea Salt. White chocolate ganache with fresh thyme infused cream, lime and sea salt, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.
Fever Lemon, Ginger & Cayenne Pepper. Dark chocolate ganache truffle with fresh ginger infused cream, lemon and cayenne pepper.
Fog Earl Grey & Vanilla. Blended dark & milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey tea (bergamot) and vanilla bean infused cream.
Harmony Jasmine Green Tea & Orange. Dark chocolate ganache with jasmine green tea infused cream and fresh orange. Dipped in dark chocolate.
Orchid Caramelised cocoa nibs and dark chocolate vanilla ganache dipped half and half in white and dark chocolate.
Taboo Figs soaked in cognac, rum or amaretto, filled with cognac, rum or amaretto ganache and half-dipped in dark chocolate. Rich, decadent - a dessert in their own right.
Twenty-One Lemon, Lime, Mint & Gin. White chocolate ganache with lemon, lime & mint infused cream and a solid hit of London’s finest organic Gin. Dipped in dark chocolate.
Eclipse Classic Italian Hazelnut Gianduja made with roasted hazelnut paste, dark chocolate and sugar over a layer of crushed chilli-spiced caramelised hazelnuts. *V
Lone Star Pecan Gianduja made with roasted pecan paste, dark chocolate and sugar over a layer of crushed caramelised pecans with a touch of 5 spice and cumin.* V
Mystic Sesame Gianduja made with toasted sesame seed paste, dark chocolate and sugar over a layer of caramelised sesame seeds.*V