No small business develops without the help of many friends and other interested parties. We are beholden to many, but just to name a few:

Name  Comments
Penny Dixie, photographer Most of the photos on this site were taken by Penny. Plus she is a wonderful, wonderful friend. (@pennydixie)
Jeff Gilbert Business Advisor at East London Small Business Centre (@ELSBC)
Kerry Rankine & Growing Communities  Manages the Stoke-Newington Farmers' Market for Growing Communities (@growcomm). Cannot over state the challenge she and the others involved in running this market face week to week...but they do it almost always with a smile and always with consideration for both the stall holders and customers. 

Ruth Watson, Co-Owner  Watson & Walpole Restaurant, Author

Ruth discovered our chocolates at North London's De Beauvoir deli several year ago and has been a great customer, supporter and friend since. She's as smart as they come, as fair as they come and as connected as anyone. Plus she's got loads of personality and a sharp sense of humor. That is an unbeatable combination.