No small business develops without the help of many friends and other interested parties. We are beholden to many, but just to name a few:

Name  Comments
Penny Dixie, photographer Most of the photos on this site were taken by Penny. Plus she is a wonderful, wonderful friend. (@pennydixie)
Jeff Gilbert Business Advisor at East London Small Business Centre (@ELSBC)
Kerry Rankine & Growing Communities  Manages the Stoke-Newington Farmers' Market for Growing Communities (@growcomm). Cannot over state the challenge she and the others involved in running this market face week to week...but they do it almost always with a smile and always with consideration for both the stall holders and customers. 
Sarah Bentley,  Made In Hackney Founder of Made In Hackney (@made_in_hackney) which provides to kitchen we use to make our chocolates. Its the best basement kitchen around with the added bonus of easy access to upstairs neighbor Food For All
Ruth Watson, Owner The Crown & Castle, Author Ruth discovered our chocolates at De Beauvoir deli last year and has been a great customer, supporter and friend since. She's as smart as they come, as fair as they come and as connected as anyone. Plus she's got loads of personality and a sharp sense of humor. That is an unbeatable combination.