Thank You...yes YOU!

This is for all of you who ordered from this website over the very busy Christmas to Easter period. If you are one of these people read on there is something in it for you. If not, read on, order and expect the same as I think this is such a good idea that we'll come back to it a couple of times a year.

The run from Christmas to Easter is the most intense and erratic time of year. It’s when orders, demand, interests and opportunities are at their peak. After more than a decade in chocolate, I’ve come to appreciate the relationships built during this time more and more. Because fundamentally, the opportunity and demand are a sign of trust. When an on-line order hits my in-box more often than not it is for a gift. Often the person placing the order has had only minimal interaction with us and usually, the recipient of the gift will have no knowledge of Niko B. So, on two levels these transactions are about faith, pretty much blind faith. You trust us to deliver a memorable experience on your behalf. I take that responsibility serious and never, ever take it for granted.

Now that the we are on the otherside and in a position to reflect, it was by far our best on-line holiday period. With orders up 300% both is terms of orders and revenue.

So, for the first time we are sending out post hols thank you gifts. If you’ve ordered from our website between Mid-November and Easter you can expect to receive a little 'thank you' in your mailbox over the next two weeks. Look for it.


Master Chocolatier/Founder Niko B.


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