Chocolate Workshop Basics @ Niko B's Chocolate Lab

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Sunday 10 July 12-3 pm

Also: 24 Jul, 7 Aug.

@ Niko B's Chocolate Lab | Basement of Mother Earth Cafe

(103 Newington Green Road London N1 4QY) (map)

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Led by master chocolatier Anthony Ferguson, we host an interactive Workshop on the art, science and history of chocolate and confectionery with a focus on the fundamentals: Tempering and Truffles.

The world of chocolate has exploded since I began making chocolates in 2003. That was in San Francisco and it seemed that shops specialising in chocolate were popping up everywhere. In the time since, we've seen the interests in chocolate and cacao grow everywhere. And that interests is in all aspects: how cacao is harvested, turned into chocolate and then made into desserts, confections or just enjoyed as food as well as its long and illustrious, folkloric history. 

In this workshop we will explore much of this and most importantly roll up our sleeves and make a delicious mess!!

Tempering - Oh Snap!

Its not enough for chocolates to taste good. They should look good too.

That is obviously critical from a business standpoint but it also important in how we present our gifts to others be they friend or family, at the dinner table or for celebrations. Tempering is one of the most important skills in proper chocolate making. It is what leaves fine chocolates with their signature sheen and texture (snap). It also makes it possible to mould chocolates into bars, hearts and other shapes. There are a number of ways to temper chocolate and the technique varies for dark, milk and white chocolate. We will teach a simple tempering method and use our tempered chocolate for hand-dipping and moulding. 

Truffles: Ganaches and Giandujas

Mouthfuls of rich, creamy chocolate pleasure

Our signature line of truffles is, along with our salted caramels, at the core of Niko B. They are often raved about for their unique and exciting flavour combinations, freshness, luxurious texture and authenticity. They are often purchased as gifts or for a few moments of self-indulgent pleasure. We specialise in two types of truffles: Ganache and Gianduja.

Ganaches are in general terms an emulsion of chocolate and a liquid. Traditionally, that liquid is cream, but water, teas and other liquids including non-dairy creams (vegan) can be used. Giandujas are usually made with nut or seed paste instead of cream.  Because there is no cream involved they make for lovely straightforward vegan chocolates. 

In summary, we will explore:

  • Cacao to Chocolate: 'How is Chocolate Made' Accompanied by a sensorial exploration of taste, smell and visual appreciation of chocolate.
  • Working with Chocolate: the "in's and out''s and don'ts"
  • Truffles two ways: Ganache and Gianduja (vegan)
  • Truffles: Flavouring, texture, rolling and piping
  • Tempering: Sheen, snap and shelf-life
  • Bark, bars, shapes and solids
  • Finishing Chocolates
  • Make it:
    • Roll up your sleeves, tighten your aprons and make ganache truffles, gianduja truffles, bars and solids.  
  • Share: Take home a few treats to share (or not)

Every workshop starts with one of our signature hot of the best ways to honour the true food of the gods

This is the first in a series of workshops that we will use to demystify chocolate and confectionery making. 

Detailed directions and pre-event instructions will be sent with the booking confirmation. Please print and bring your receipt with you to the workshop.

We use only ethically sourced, organic chocolates and ingredients.